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KameraOne x FIPP World Media Congress in Cascais, Portugal

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In today’s media landscape, the fight for audience attention is fierce. Modern storytellers of all shapes and sizes are constantly bombarded with the same question: how can we stand out from the crowd and turn that attention into revenue?

At KameraOne, we understand this struggle. That’s why we empower modern storytellers like you with our unique formats, access to fresh stories of the day, and effective monetization strategies.

The challenges you face, we solve

Modern storytellers – Media, publishers, and brands face a unique set of challenges:

  • Capturing audience attention: With an endless stream of content vying for viewers’ time, grabbing and holding their attention is a constant battle.
  • Standing out from the crowd: The media landscape is saturated, making it difficult to differentiate yourself from the competition and really stick to your target audience’s minds.
  • Monetizing your audience: Turning views into revenue requires a strategic approach to advertising and content monetization.

Empowering modern storytellers

If this is your first time discovering KameraOne, let us introduce ourselves: We empower media, publishers, platforms, and apps of all sizes to reach and engage audiences like never before.

  • Fresh, daily content: We understand the insatiable appetite for new stories. That’s why we deliver a constant stream of fresh, captivating video content, ensuring your audience always has something new to discover.
  • Globally syndicated formats: Our unique video formats aren’t limited by borders. We syndicate our content across the globe, reaching a massive audience of over 1 billion consumers in 25+ countries, generating 250M+ views every month.
  • Empowering editorial teams: We provide editorial teams with a rich video content platform, giving them the tools and resources they need to access, curate and publish wide range of videos effortlessly.
  • Direct monetization: We’re not just about views; we’re also about driving revenue to our partners.

Join us at the 2024 World Media Congress!

KameraOne will be present at the upcoming 2024 World Media Congress, taking place June 4-6 in Cascais, Portugal! This premier event brings together leaders from the global magazine media industry, offering a unique platform for networking, learning, and exploring the latest trends. You can join us at the congress for an exclusive opportunity to network and engage with our executive team alongside other key media players, gaining valuable insights and engaging in conversations on how storytelling can help your bottom line!

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