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We provide a broad range of content

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Keep your audience up to date with the day's biggest news stories. Discover a wide assortment of expertly selected stories from all over the world. Follow breaking news and upgrade your content with verified news videos.
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The United States remain at the heart of international affairs, where everything that happens in the US can have a grave impact on global politics and policies. "US Stories" aspires to deliver stories around the US economy and politics, racial justice, police brutality, the LGBTQ+ community, and the MeToo-inspired movements.
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We have just one world to live in (at least for now), and people worldwide are increasingly concerned about how their day-to-day behavior is impacting the environment. Essential stories showing the real impact - plastic oceans, scorching heat waves, golf ball-sized hail, and more. It is time to inspire change.How many wildfires, how many storms will have to plough through Earth before decisive action is taken? Follow stories that demonstrate how our planet is changing all across the world: extreme weather events, scorching wildfires and erupting volcanos. How is humanity reacting to climate change? What’s the impact of technological progress on our planet. Is Space exploration our chance for a better future?
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From wandering bears to crazy accidents! If you are looking for heartwarming stories, clips that have made the viral pantheon or just feel-good videos then you need look no further.
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Unfortunate events occur around the world every day, sometimes with devastating results. Here you will find clips involving crime, police chases, accidents and other stories that remind us of the risk we all face in our daily lives.
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Aktuelle Nachrichtenvideos aus aller Welt – auf den Punkt gebracht für das deutschsprachige Publikum.
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Die besten Geschichten und viralen Hits des Tages - witzig, erstaunlich, beeindruckend, herzergreifend.
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Short Cuts are the important, engaging and moving stories, which you want to share and discuss with your friends and family.
Fully localised with voiceover or text overlay.
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Notícias diárias e os melhores vídeos de todo o mundo, relevantes para o público brasileiro.
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De mest omtalade nyhetsinslagen från hela världen, utvalda för den svenska marknaden.
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Nouvelles quotidiennes et meilleures vidéos du monde entier, pertinentes pour le monde francophone.
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Los videos de noticias en español que son tendencia en el mundo para LATAM.

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