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Compelling content from all genres - be it World News, Viral, Inspirational, or Entertainment stories. You'll find a regularly updated selection of video stories, ready to publish, and easy to customize and make your own.
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Americans have rarely been as polarised as they are today, and the 2020 presidential election has only cemented the divide. ‘America Divided’ delivers stories on the US economy, racial justice, climate change, law enforcement, international engagement and a long list of other issues that divide American society.
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Coronavirus. As the world braces for the largest vaccine rollout in history, there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, with the emergence of deadly new strains and growing hostility towards lockdown measures, the so called "new normal" is far from over...
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In these uncertain times, it can be all too easy to forget about the daily endeavors of humanity. Brighten the day of your audiences looking for an escape from the news cycle with inspiring, intriguing, and empowering stories.
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Keep your audience up to date with the day's biggest stories as they unfold before your eyes. Discover a wide assortment of expertly selected stories from all over the world, reflecting the most important events from around the world.
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We have just one world to live in (at least for now), and people worldwide are increasingly concerned about how their day-to-day behavior is impacting the environment. Essential stories showing the real impact - plastic oceans, scorching heat waves, golf ball-sized hail, and more. It is time to inspire change.
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Deliver the next worldwide phenomenon to your audience before anybody else. It's a wild world out there, and we have the latest highly shareable content, sourced from around the world, ready for you to publish.
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Are you looking for sports stories with a twist? Show what is happening behind the scenes, outrageous and remarkable moments in both the traditional and unconventional sporting world.
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Amaze your users with the latest technology news from around the globe, the most exciting scientific achievements, innovation in manufacturing, new and emerging technologies, and business breakthroughs.
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Keep up with the latest celebrity stories, from Hollywood to the Royal family and beyond. Relationships, lifestyle, social media scandals, fashion trends, entertainment news and more...
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We are living in an age like no other, in a world where we are surrounded by negativity, leading to increasing anger, worry, anxiety, stress and depression. Now, more than ever it is important to be reminded that great things happen every day which go unnoticed, inspiring, spectacular, heart-warming and uplifting stories that bring joy to our lives, put a smile on our face, making us instantly feel better and yearning for more. KameraOne Social is a daily selection of stories that will capture the attention of your audience and keep them smiling!
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A selection of stories your audience should not miss, from around the world and across all genres.
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Aktuelle Nachrichtenvideos und die besten Clips aus aller Welt für das deutschsprachige Publikum.
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Notícias diárias e os melhores vídeos de todo o mundo, relevantes para o público brasileiro.
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De mest omtalade nyhetsinslagen från hela världen, utvalda för den svenska marknaden.
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Nouvelles quotidiennes et meilleures vidéos du monde entier, pertinentes pour le monde francophone.
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Los videos de noticias en español que son tendencia en el mundo para LATAM.

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