2023 Wrap-up: Insights on hot video content topics

2023 has concluded, and we’re thrilled to share insights on various short video content topics from this year, as observed across various publishers and platforms. Join us as we reflect on trends, delve into key subjects, and explore the highlights of the past 12 months.

Short Cuts by KameraOne

This year, global audiences engaged with a diverse range of trending premium short video clips, each featuring unique stories. From humorous mishaps to awe-inspiring wildlife encounters, these clips not only captured viewers’ attention but also sparked their imaginations.

Some of the most viewed clips

Form your own conclusion about trending topics with a lighter narrative!

  • Groom saves bride from hornet stuck in her wedding dress
  • Metal object smashes car windshield on highway
  • Employee gets nasty surprise after colleague steals his chair

Selfies Gone Wrong

Selfie fail clips did well in 2023 (and in previous years). Several ones involving people standing in front of and knocked over by huge waves.

  • Tourist knocked. around by huge wave while posing for pictures
  • Close call for onlookers watching powerful tidal bore

Bad Driving, Parking, and Close Calls

No surprise that short clips featuring parking mistakes and bad driving also ranked among the top categories in 2023.

  • Woman driven mad by driver’s horrible parking skills
  • Side of the road ditch: Forgetful driver pays the price
  • Disaster strikes when woman forgets emergency brake

Tesla Factor

The Tesla brand showcased its strength in an unexpected category: drawing attention to videos captured by Tesla dash cams or featuring Tesla cars drivers making mistakes.

  • Tesla camera – Impatient driver fails overtake and crashes into house

Wildlife Clips

On the flip side, animals, nature, and wildlife emerged as another highly engaging category. Here are top performing Wildlife clips of 2023:

  • Skilled leopard pounces on unsuspecting impala
  • Brave antelope charges at lioness to escape crocodile-infested lake

Donald Trump Clips

And it should be no surprise to anyone: Donald Trump videos continue to attract worldwide attention.

  • Donald Trump promises “largest deportation mission in American history” if re-elected

k! World News Deutsch

To conclude on a more serious note, let’s delve into the news topics that captured the attention of German-speaking audiences on our k! World News Deutsch product.

Russia-Ukraine War

Russia’s aggression against Ukraine may have faded from mainstream media recently, but it remained one of the leading topics on k! World News across platforms. Notable stories included the Battle of Bachmut, the Wagner Uprising, the demolition of the Kherson Dam, and the drone attacks on Moscow.

Forest Fires

The Earth witnessed wildfires once again this year, with Canada bearing a particularly heavy impact. Europe, too, was not spared, as the forest fires on Rhodes remained uncontrolled for an extended period.

US Presidential Election

The prelude to the US Presidential Election was well underway in the second half of the year, captivating a global audience with video content showcasing an unusual drama. This included a series of lawsuits and social divisions in the United States that were irresistible for viewers worldwide.

Middle East Conflict

Unfortunately, in 2023, k! World News had to cover another major conflict in the Middle East, delivering disturbing news that drew close attention from online audiences.

And, that’s a wrap! We will be expanding our product portfolio early next year to provide even more engaging stories across wide range of topics to engage worldwide audiences across all platforms and publishers. If you want to learn more about our premium video products, Let’s talk today!




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