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Experience KameraOne Social, a daily selection of stories to capture the attention of your audience and keep them smiling!

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Nowadays, we are living in a world surrounded by negativity causing more stress and anxiety. It is important to be reminded that great things happen every day which go unnoticed. Get your audience to smile and feel good by watching heartwarming and uplifting stories with KameraOne Social.

Bring joy to your audiences and make them feel instantly better with KameraOne’s daily selection of stories that will capture their attention and leave them craving more! Experience the power of trending stories with KameraOne Social!

Long lines at US gas pumps as hackers shut down pipeline.

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With the latest cyber attack that shut down the country’s biggest fuel pipeline system, and as our world becomes more and more connected online, cyber attacks are a growing worry, making a huge impact on our daily lives.

Every audience desires authentic stories showing important events, capturing touching moments, revealing amazing discoveries. Capture the attention of your audience and never miss out on relevant stories that matter from around the world.

George Floyd murder verdict has been reached – another landmark moment in a polarised America

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The verdict for the George Floyd murder has been reached – Guilty on all counts! This important story is another landmark moment in a polarised America. We deliver the essential stories covering events and issues that have Divided America.

Keep your audience updated with the most crucial environmental stories worldwide.

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Access the latest stories impacting the environment from around the globe. Essential stories showing the real impact – plastic oceans, scorching heat waves, golf ball-sized hail, and more. It is time to inspire change.

Traffic jam at sea caused global trade disaster and other world news stories.

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The world watched in awe and fascination as one of the world’s important waterways was blocked by a huge cargo ship.

Keep your audience up to date with the day’s biggest stories as they unfold before your eyes. Discover the most trending stories from all over the world, reflecting the most important events from around the world.

Keep up with the latest Celebrity stories, from the Royals to Hollywood, and beyond!

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Keep up with the latest celebrity stories from Hollywood to the Royal family and beyond. Relationships,  lifestyle, social media scandals, fashion trends, entertainment news and more.

Essential Coronavirus stories to keep your audience engaged.

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As the world braces for the largest vaccine rollout in history, there is light at the end of the tunnel. However, with the emergence of deadly new strains and growing hostility towards lockdown measures, the so-called “new normal” is far from over…

We continue to provide essential stories to keep your audience engaged as we push on to the second year of the COVID 19 pandemic.

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