How to stay relevant in the digital landscape using video

The publishing industry has been radically transformed in recent years, a shift largely driven by the digital revolution. As technology continues to redefine how information is produced, consumed, and disseminated, media operators and publishers of all sizes are confronted with a host of new challenges and opportunities. Statistics show that websites using video enjoy a whopping 41% more web traffic from search, and the average user of said websites spends 88% more time on them thanks to video. In this blog post, we will take a look at the evolving landscape of digital publishing, emphasizing the critical importance of maintaining relevance in this dynamic environment through using video in your content strategy.

The Evolving Landscape of Publishing

The traditional publishing model, once dominated by print publications and broadcast media, has been supplanted by an interconnected digital ecosystem. Consumers now have access to a vast array of content at their fingertips, with video as the pioneer of all digital content, and the competition for their attention is fiercer than ever. At KameraOne, we understand these shifts and provide solutions that help media companies navigate this ever changing landscape with our original products, riding the constant waves of digital change and giving relevant solutions to engage their viewers.

Embracing Digital Transformation

Content is king

In the digital world, quality trumps quantity. Audiences are inundated with content daily, and their attention spans have shortened. Media companies must focus on delivering high-quality, relevant, and valuable content that resonates with their target audience. Investing in content research, producing, and editing ensures that your content stands out amidst the noise. At KameraOne, we prioritize quality content curation and production and can assist media operators and publishers of all sizes in engaging global audiences with our original video products.

Leveraging authentic video content

Video has become a dominant medium in digital content consumption. Publishers need to recognize the power of authentic video content in engaging their audience. Whether it’s heartfelt and relevant stories, breaking news, or raw footage, video can provide a dynamic and immersive experience that captivates viewers.

The importance of partnering with an expert media company

In an era of fierce competition for attention, collaboration is key. Partnering with an expert media company like KameraOne can offer several advantages, including access to our distribution network reaching 1 billion consumers across 25+ countries, expertise, as well as original video formats. Such partnerships can help expand your reach and credibility in the digital landscape. What are our product offerings, you ask?

  1. Short Cuts: Short Cuts are the important, engaging and moving stories, which you want to share and discuss with your friends and family. Short Cuts are available on our platform or directly syndicated to the biggest platforms across the world expanding on top of more than 50+ stories weekly.
  2. k! World News: k! World News is a news service capturing main global events as they happen through short videos, which are easily digested on multiple platforms and devices. k! World News serves currently digital audiences in German speaking countries and Francophone Europe utilises major content providers like The Associated Press, CBS News, PA Media, SWNS and many others.
  3. GlobalFeed: KameraOne’s GlobalFeed service is a versatile and invaluable resource for media operators and publishers seeking unfiltered, authentic video footage and content with access to video content spanning from News, US stories, Light, Crime & Accidents, Climate & Science, Sports, and Enterteinment. With an emphasis on delivering content without any associated storytelling or editing, GlobalFeed offers wide range of fresh video stories every day, ready for immediate publishing or as the source for customized storytelling.
  4. KameraOne OnDemand: KameraOne’s OnDemand service offers media professionals flexible and customized access to unique video footage, tailored to their specific needs. Whether it’s rare and niche content or content aligning with editorial goals, it’s the go-to resource for acquiring the perfect story every time.

Pitfalls to Avoid in the Media Landscape

While embracing digital transformation is essential, it’s equally crucial to steer clear of common pitfalls:

  • Over-reliance on third-party video platforms: Yes, using public video platforms like YouTube to monetize your content on your website might seem an easy route. However, it’s important to note that this approach involves handing over your audience to YouTube, which can have significant drawbacks. These platforms control the rules and algorithms governing content distribution, often taking a substantial portion of ad revenue. This over-reliance on third-party video platforms can negatively impact your overall performance and revenues. While other reasons may be more valid for using YouTube as a distribution channel, the primary concern here is that relying on YouTube for monetization on your own website means giving up control over your audience.
  • Inconsistency: Inconsistent content production and publishing can harm your consumers expectations of your platform as they don’t know what to expect from you and/or when, which can take a toll on audience engagement. Whether it’s irregular posting schedules or a lack of thematic coherence, inconsistency can lead to audience disinterest and loss.
  • Neglecting the quality of video technology: Overlooking the importance of video technology can hinder a publisher’s success online. It’s crucial to consider two aspects: the quality of the video itself and the performance of the video player. While high-quality productions and avoiding issues like bad footage or stitched images instead of actual video content are essential, it’s equally important that the videos are smooth, mobile-responsive, and free from glitches. This ensures a seamless viewing experience and keeps viewers engaged.
  • Overlooking Ethical Considerations: Ethical considerations are paramount. Avoid practices such as clickbait, misinformation, and invasion of privacy. Uphold ethical standards to build trust with your audience.
  • Neglecting Copyright and Fair Use: The internet is a minefield of copyright issues. Respect intellectual property rights and adhere to fair use guidelines to avoid legal troubles and protect your brand’s reputation.

Staying relevant in the digital world requires embracing digital transformation, quality content, authentic video, and strategic partnerships like KameraOne. Avoiding pitfalls and upholding ethical standards ensures a strong position in content distribution’s future.

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