KameraOne launched a video news service under the new brand k! News

KameraOne launched today a video news service under the new brand – k! News. The video news service captures main global events as happens through short videos, which are easily digested on multiple platforms and devices.

The video news service is aimed mainly at digital natives, who are no longer consuming news through traditional online outlets or TV and rather consume stories through short videos on social media or elsewhere.

k! News utilises an exclusive partnership between KameraOne and The Associated Press for German-speaking countries and includes videos from other leading content providers like CBS News, PA Media, SWNS and many others.

k! News is currently aimed at audiences in German-speaking countries and will be available across various platforms including MSN.com, and Yahoo and available to all KameraOne customers through its KameraOne Hub platform. KameraOne will soon launch YouTube k! News Deutsch channel to increase access to its service.




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